Parisian Skies – Maximo Park – Poster

Well well well, its been a very long time since I have added anything to my blog. Guess I have just been busy doing other things like finishing my Uni degree and working on other projects. There are a few things I have to post in the near future and I’ll slowly put them online when I get a chance.

The other week I was lucky enough to go see Maximo Park at a very small local gig at The Cluny in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, I love Maximo and have been to see them many times the past few years. I recently bought a couple of original posters from some of the tracks off their first album, the art work is great and I like the clean style and typography. I always wanted to have a bash at making one of my own, in a different style to see what it looked like. So the other night I eventually decided to make one. It took me a while to settle on a song though. I didn’t want to pick something new or something too mainstream. So I went for a song that wasn’t released as a single and one that not everyone regards the ‘greatest’. Despite this, I do love this song and without digging too deep into its meaning I created this design.

Maximo Park - Parisian Skies - Dale Wilson

Maximo Park - Parisian Skies by Dale Wilson

Given more time there are a few other things I may have included. But as you can tell from the style it is designed to be screen printed, so I wanted to keep it quite simple, using only two colours, well three if we count the grey text.


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Creeper on Redbubble

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who purchased my t-shirt on TeeFury yesterday! Im really happy you all appreciated the design and thank you for supporting me. Thanks for the great response to the competition too! The winners will be released later today, so keep tuned!

I noticed a few would have preferred the design to be green. Sorry I couldn’t please everyones taste, although I have put the design up on Redbubble in three different variations, all available in a choice of colours!

I really love making t-shirt designs and being able to offer them to you! Thanks for all the support!


Posters / Stickers / Limited Editions

Creeper on Redbubble Green Dale Wilson, Allied Snow, Obey

Creeper on Redbubble.

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Creeper Day Competition (SSSSSSS)

Here it is, Creeper Day is upon us! My first ever TeeFury shirt goes on sale today; ‘Obey the Creeper’ (SSSSSSS). The design is a combination of Shepard Fairey’s Obey and Minecrafts Creeper. I decided to make this design a few months ago and after looking at it for a while I then submitted it to TeeFury, who then fortunately chose to print it. The shirt is only available for one day! Thats right, only 24 hours to grab the shirt for an awesome $10! The design goes live at midnight EST.

TeeFury are admired for their great quality print, all of their tee’s are screen printed which guarantees a better quality garment than those digitally printed. They also post worldwide, which is good news!

Click for the other creeper t-shirt or click here for some awesome creeper posters and stickers!

Obey Creeper SSsssss by Dale Wilson, Allied Snow

Obey Creeper on TeeFury by Allied Snow

Head over to their page to take a look.

To mark the sale of my design, I have set up a competition where you can win lots of cool stuff!

I’m giving away 10 Creeper posters (the red one), sticker packs containing various Creeper stickers, and some awesome limited edition art cards. To be in with a chance of winning a prize simply leave a comment here on my blog or add me on twitter @daledrwilson and tweet at me! #CreeperDay hash tag and a retweet gets added kudos ;)

If you aren’t lucky enough to win, you can still buy some fantastic stickers and posters from my online store. There you will find sticker packs containing 9 custom designed vinyl cut stickers, a Creeper poster and finally a very limited edition, dated and individually numbered Creeper poster. Only 40 have been printed and this will be the only run! So get them quick before they go as there will be no reprints. The first ten orders also come with numbered limited edition art cards.

Creeper Posters and stickers, Dale Wilson, Allied Snow. Obey. Minecraft Poster

Creeper Posters and stickers available on my online store

Creeper Sticker Pack, Dale Wilson, Allied Snow, Obey. Minecraft stickers

Creeper Posters and stickers available on my online store

Good luck to everyone who enters, I will pick the winners at the end of the day and I’ll be in touch to organise postage of you prizes! A massive thank you to everyone who buys my shirt or anything from my site, or even reading this! Its a great pleasure to be able to set up this competition and give people the ability to buy and win my designs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them all together!

Thanks again,

Not happy with a white shirt! Well fear not you can pick up the ‘Creeper comes in peace’ design over at my Redbubble!

Oh and one little extra.
To save image on an iPhone or iPad, press and hold with one finger and select save image.

iPhone background:

iphone 4 retina display background wallpaper Creeper, Allied Snow, Dale Wilson, obey, iphone 3gs, 3g.

Free Creeper iPhone wallpaper

Download the full size version here.

iPad background:

iPad wallpaper creeper Dale Wilson, Obey, Allied Snow, Minecraft.

Free Creeper iPad wallpaper

Download the full size version here.


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Got my Race Shirt

This season Heriot Watt are racing with the new shirts that they took delivery of last month. I got my hands on mine just last week and I have to say they do look fantastic in person; they have well and truly trumped last years design. Im really happy with the way the new shirt has turned out, a big thank you to the guys over at The Cycle Jersey for making it possible.

Heriot Watt Race Shirt Dale Wilson The Cycle Jersey

Heriot Watt Race Shirt 2011

If you have a design you want printed then head over to their website.The Cycle Jersey guys will be more than happy to help. If you are looking for help getting a race shirt design together or need any design work in general then just get in contact.

Continue reading here.

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Free Textures!

Today Jonny and I collected some awesome textures in and around the infamous back streets of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. As we are so kind we thought we would share these high resolution beauties with anyone who wants them. Kind of a reward for taking a look at our blogs i guess!

10 Free Textures Dale Wilson Jonny Eveson

10 Free Textures - Click image to download

Whenever Jonny and I are looking for a decent texture for a project wether it be for simple photo editing or for use in after effects; we always struggle to find free high resolution cool textures. So today we went out with the camera and got some ourselves. We were going to keep them all wrapped up on our hard drives and use them for our own work but thats just selfish! So here they are, hopefully you can get some use out of them and they save you the bother of going out too!

There are 10 free textures in this pack:
01 Cracked, 02 Plastered Wall, 03 Peeled and Sprayed, 04 Distressed Bricks ,05 Vertical Grain, 06 Speckled Wall, 07 Rusty Yellow, 08 The Green Line, 09 The Skip Is Blue, 10 Horizontal Strokes

All the textures were taken with a Canon 5D Mk2 and are a high resolution. Feel free to go wild with them and use them as creatively as you like! You can even use them for commercial work as well as personal, we don’t mind, these ones are on us.

We’d love to see them in use! So please do post a reply if you want to share your creativity with us all.

Download the texture pack here!

Also click HERE to download the wallpaper shown below.

Dale Wilson Textures Are Awesome Wallpaper

Free - Textures are awesome wallpaper

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Heriot Watt 2011 Race Shirt

Heriot Watt mountain bike club took delivery of their new race shirts the other day. I was very excited to see how they turned out! I received a couple of links to pictures of the shirt in action and from what i can see it looks pretty awesome. It also appears it works quite will with the 09 Troy Lee race pants! Here is the 2011 version available on Chain Reaction Cycles. I imagine they would look just as good! I like how the red detail matches, both the new pants and the gloves in the photo.

Update: received my shirt.

If you are interested in a design you can email, or tweet at me for a design quote – @daledrwilson
Or you can use the form at the bottom of the post.

Patrick Meen photographed by James Cattanach - Dale Wilson

Patrick MEEN @ '11 Alpine Bikes #2, Innerleithen - Photographed by James Cattanach

Heriot Watt Mountain Bike Club race shirt 2011 - Dale Wilson

Heriot Watt Race Shirt 2011

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Procrastination in colour!

Well a day of working turned into this.

Procrastination in Colour Dale Wilson Jonny Eveson Procrastination in colour Dale Wilson Jonny Eveson

Supposed to be working.

Well we all need a break sometimes :)

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Obey Creeper

Ahhh, Creeper!

Dale Wilson - Obey Creeper

Ah Creeper ssssss

I decided to make a teeshirt design last week, just stumbled across it again. So here it is.

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A lively little trailer

Found this trailer the other week on Vimeo. Its an awesome little teaser for the biking film ‘Ride Your Way’ by Ryys. I’ve seen his videos kicking around Pinkbike for a while now, so its nice to see his work on vimeo! Some of the tricks in the tailer look insane, especially the flair at the end! Check it out for some fresh new clips!

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You can now buy our shirt!

The “Press RB to throw back” shirt can now be purchased from Redbubble!
Buy t-shirts

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